Play As You Learn

World renowned child psychologist Dr David Feuerstein once said:

“A child needs 3 things to thrive:

  • A caring adult
  • Who unlocks the world
  • And gives it meaning.”

The Bright Beginnings Philosophy

The Bright Beginnings philosophy is based on the premise that toddlers & young children develop best when their needs for emotional security are met.This love & attention, combined with good nourishment & appropriate stimulating activities will result in optimal development & growth.

For this reason,the presence of the parent,usually the mother(father,grandparent or well known care giver)means that the child is free from seperation anxiety & able to enjoy & benefit from the stimulating environment & activities on offer at Bright Beginnings.

From this solid point of departure, gentle ,non-threatening, age appropriate activities designed by early childhood educationalists and specialists are presented

The Aim of Bright Beginnings

Is to always strengthen the parent/child relationship & to encourage a positive response to beginning life’s exciting path of learning, a vital path which takes during the first four years of life.

Bright Beginnings seeks to assist parents in laying an excellent foundation for their children.

We also hope to support and encourage parents as they embark on the task of raising a child,the most important job they’ll do .The weekly sessions provide mothers to meet other mothers in similar situations to themselves and in my experience I have seen rich,rewarding & long standing friendships start at Bright Beginnings.This is very valuable aspect of the sessions as parents need support to have their needs met in order to be able to give of themselves to their children